About Darth Maul

Darth Maul
Name:Khamier Sarin (abandoned)
Alias:Darth Maul
Age:30-35 years
Height:5`8" (1,75 m)
Eyes:red/yellow - one pair
Hair:no visible body hair
Features:horns, red and black tribal tattoos, huge scar in the left abdomen
Occupation:Apprentice of Darth Sidious
Weapon of choice:Double edge lightsaber

Hates:Jedis, split-personality jokes
Dislikes:tooth brushes
Likes:Venus flytraps, tattoos, bondage
Loves:master/servant and S/M games, sparing fights
Habits:snarling, killing
Hobbies:breeding of flesh-eating plants, womb-rat breeding (as food for the plants), killing, experimental weapons construction
Favourite song(s):Factor 0 Negative - Kill all the Jedi, Deathwish - The Sith Master, Black Oyster Cult - Do fear the Ripper
Favourite pick-up line:Red Circle Amusement Park Centre
Favourite food:liquorice, red meat
Dreams of:feeding Yoda to Darth Audrey (his largest venus flytrap)

more revelations coming ...
Motto:"Only a dead Jedi is a good Jedi."

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